20 Jan 2011

Our ancient scriptures tell us that stories are generally told to children or to those who dont have the maturity to grasp the inner significance of the various acts of the Lord. Hence many times when we hear various stories we are not able to digest what is mentioned in the stories or we interpret different meanings to the divine acts. One such incident is that of Rukmini swaymavara. We should not take the meaning as that Lord Krishna eloped with Rukmini and when God can do such acts, we can justify the wrong acts we do.
Lets see the inner significance of Krishna-Rukmini kalyanam. Rukmini represents the mind full of devotion and Sishupala whom she was to wed represents the mind full of emotion and worldly attachments. Krishna represents the atman. Where will the devoted mind get attached to? To worldly thoughts or the eternal atman? Rukmini swayamvara actually indicates the swayamvara of mind filled with bhakti to the divine atman being conducted with the help of Brahmana representing the satsanga and other good deeds.

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