14 Apr 2011

On the auspicious day of Tamil New Year let us engage in good and holy activities. Let us spend some time in prayers and pray not only for us but the whole world. Prayers and good actions will reduce the negativity in the world and also will help us elevate our own selves. Suppose we want a glass of fruit juice, unless we throw away the water already in the glass, we cannot pour juice into it. Similarly, unless we give up selfishness, ego, jealousy and such other evil tendencies in us, Atmabhava (spirituality) cannot take root in us. When we spend time immersed in thoughts about God, we become free from evil ways. We will not be tempted to hurt others in any way. We begin to live in Love, accepting all that happens as His gift. Then our home verily becomes heaven on Earth; the joy that bubbles in our heart becomes the mark of Vaikunta (abode of Lord Vishnu). So, lets bring the Vishnu lokam to our house on this auspicious day of Vishu.


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