10 Mar 2011

Bhagavad Geeta is our scared text which is the greatest knowledge of all times. It explains beautifully what each one of us is capable of. By reading or learning the Geeta, we should try to find that power and potential in us and elevate ourselves. There were 2 characters in Mahabharata who represented the positive and negative characteristics. They were Arjuna and Dhritarashtra. We have to realise that we all have 4 aspects of Buddhi, Chitta, Manasa and Ahankaara in us. Unless we are able to balance all these, we cannot develop a positive mind. Human mind is capable of bringing any person up or down in his/her life, make one’s health weak or strong, have certain experiences that pull you up or down, you could influence other person to be either weak or confident and you can also conquer death. To develop these, one has to be like Arjuna, who was guided by Lord Krishna thro the knowledge of the Geeta. Geeta teaches us 4 types of Yoga. Jnana yoga to control the buddhi or intellect, Karma yoga to control the manasa or mind, bhakt yoga to control the consciousness and finally Dhyana yoga to control the ahankara or ego. So we have a choice, either to have  a balanced mind and try to understand and implement these in our lives so that we can attain true happiness and purpose of life, otherwise one can continue remaining like Dhritarashtra blinded both outside and within.


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