10 Feb 2011

We have read ealier that there are 3 types of bhaktas namely Prakuta bhakta, madhyama bhakta and uttama bhakta or devotee. Prakrutha bhakta sees God only in idols or in temples, mosque etc. Madhyama bhakta wants to know more about God through namasankirtan, satsangas etc whereas uttama bhakta sees God in his atma as well as in others. He accepts everything as God’s gift and takes ups and downs of life with the same spirit. He does not pray God for grace. He knows that he is breathing, digesting and doing all processes of life due to God’s presence in him. If he did not have God’s grace, he wouldnt be able to do this. This is like the bulb praying to electricity to light it up. Without the electricity, a bulb can never be lit so it is even foolish of the bulb to think that it was lighting on its own. The electricity is always there so no need to ask for its grace. There should only be realisation of that.
So lets elevate ourselves from prakruta or madhyama bhakta , one step at a time with determination. Lets us not be pulled down by negative comments or unfulfilled desires in achieving our real purpose of life.

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