07 Apr 2011

Mere words are not enough when we pray; we should offer our heart to God. Great souls completely offer their hearts to God in prayer. In the Mahabharatha, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, always prayed thus: “Dear Lord, I worship You day and night. Please be compassionate and protect me. If You are compassionate towards me I will not be bothered about any challenges or ordeals that I may have to face”. True to her prayer, she always received God’s protection and overcame the innumerable troubles that she had to face in her life. Her devotion to Lord Krishna remained unaffected despite facing many trials and tests. We can pray any form of the Lord, maybe Rama, Krishna, Devi. Whomever we pray, we should have complete faith and devotion in that form. No troubles and tribulations should shake our faith. One who has such a faith, God will always be with them. Faith can shake mountains. So let us chant our prayers with full faith and devotion


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