03 Feb 2011

Gong Xi Fa cai


One experiences either pleasure or pain depending on one’s own actions. Meritorious deeds will not confer misery while sinful acts cannot give happiness. One is bound to face the consequences of one’s actions. But one treats pleasure and pain alike when one becomes the recipients of God’s grace. Divine grace destroys mountains of sins and confers peace. But due to the impact of the Kali Age, man has lost faith in God. He is after money and power. How can such a being attain Divinity? Man can rise from the level of the human to the Divine only by practicing human values.

Years come and go, so also pleasure and pain. Nothing confers permanent bliss except the experiences of the athma. Man cannot attain peace and happiness from his actions unless he has sacred feelings within. In order to atone for your past sins, you have to cultivate sacred qualities and involve yourself in sacred activities. In fact, bliss is within you; it originates from your sacred feelings. Therefore you have to manifest bliss from within; it cannot be bestowed on you by others. None can take bliss away from you, and you cannot obtain it form outside

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