Nov 18, 2010

Man gets disappointed when his expectations are not met. We do not always have freedom to expect what we want. But we definitely have freedom to generate happiness. Disappointments come when we think that happiness is dependant on our worldly desires including relations/material possessions etc which are temporary. This happens when conscious mind falls into the cosmic world. Only when we realise that our true happiness is only in realising God who is permanent can we generate this happiness.
How do we realise God? Reading scriptures, attending satsanga etc and serving others with LOVE by realising that God is in all of us. To help us to better understand our scriptures and what our ancient Rishis and Sages have conveyed, there are a lot of stories told. Many times when we literally read a story there are many questions or doubts for which we are not able to get the right answers. That is because we do not understand the underlying message. One such example is the Varaha avatara. We wonder why Lord Vishnu had to take the form of a boar and how could earth have been under water etc. The underlying essence of this story is that our mind with bad and doubtful thoughts represent Hiranyaksha and our original mind represents Mother earth who is tormented by Hirayanksha (bad thoughts like fear, jealousy, anger etc) and Lord has to take the form of a boar ( i.e the scriptures/ prayers etc) which cleans the filth which will uplift Mother earth (i.e our mind) and save her and lead towards God realisation.
It is told by Lord Krishna in the Gita that HIS most favorite devotee is the one who spreads the knowledge given by HIM to others. So dear friends, let us all take this opportunity to share whatever knowledge we have with others and of course try to put into practice and be HIS beloved devotee.

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