Nov 11, 2010

In order to realise God’s presence in us, we have to raise from our lower level tendencies i.e beastly tendencies to Godlyones. When we think bad for anyone, as soon as that thought arises in our mind, someone else has alreaady started thinking bad for us. For every action there is an equal reaction. One may ask, many people do bad and still they are happy. We are not the judges. The TIME will take care. The person has to undergo the consequences of his bad or good actions. There is no escape from that. Hence we have to elevate ourselves from petty thoughts by constantly listening to the holy scriptures, bhajans etc , and practising it (namasmarana- constant chanting of the lord’s name) and realise the God in us. Every thing requires practise. With regular practise good thoughts and habits can be cultivated.
 Our scriptures strongly believe in detachment. What does that mean? It does not mean avoiding duty or get away from the world or not talking lovingly to people. It only means perform all the worldly actions with  LOVE and dont get attached. Attachment should be towards God only. When we slowly get detached from the world we will automatically get attracted to God. Have complete trust that HE is in each one of us. Till we realise that we may not attain HIS complete Grace. Take the eg of Draupadi, when she was being dishonoured in the court of Duryodhana, she kept pleading to the Lord to rescue her. She called HIM various names, karunakara, dwarakanatha, etc. The Lord did not respond. When she totally surrendered and called HRIDAYAVASI. At that very instant HE came to her rescue. So let us also be aware that our hridayavasi is always with us and constantly watching and waiting for us.

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