Dec 23, 2010

We all are aware of the 4 varnas and 4 ashrama stages as below 
  • Varnashrama-dharma – duties performed according to the system of four varnas (social divisions) and four ashrams (stages in life).
  • Four varnasbrahmanas (priests, teachers, and intellectuals), kshatriyas (police, army, and administration), vaishyas (farmers, merchants, and business people), shudras (artisans and workers).
  • Four ashrams – student life, household life, retirement, and renunciation.

How Bhagavatam describes the true meaning of above are worth knowing. We are mistaken when we say that we are born in a particular caste etc. Just being born in a brahmin family doesnt entitle us to claim ourselves a brahmin. Bhagavatam says Shudras are those who see in life no greater purpose than the satisfaction of wants and desires of the body, such persons eat, sleep, work, multiply and finally die. These people are concerned only about the worldly affairs with no inclination whatsoever, in knowing themselves or anything related to God or spirituality.



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