Dec 2, 2010

Realisation of the God consciousness can be achieved by Jnana, Bhakti and Vairagya. Jnana is the knowledge through scriptures, satsanga etc, bhakti or devotion helps one to transform the mind and vairagyam is control of mind which helps direct it towards God. These will convert emotion to devotion.
Most of us, when we visit temples, we pray to the idol and ask help from God to solve our worldly issues. But the right way to pray when we see the idol is to imagine that very idol in us and realise that power of the idol is in us, because, that God resides in each one of us and sustains each cell and part of our body. There are 3 types of devotees. Prakruta devotee- who just worships the idol and visits temple, Madhyama devotee- who attends satsangs, does good and shares knowledge with others and the greatest or the Uttama devotee is one who realises that God is in him and he is no different from god. Imagine a pot with several holes in it.A lit candle is placed inside the pot. When u place the pot in a dark room, you can see that light comes out through each hole. That main candle light is God and each ray coming through the holes are us. So how are we different from HIM? We are a part of HIM.
So let us embark in our path to realisation and become a strong person. A weak mind worries about the future and goes about believing in astrologers and pariharams, whereas a strong mind trusts God and accepts whatever HE gives us as HIS blessings and prasadam. When HE is in us HE already knows what we want and HE will decide and give what is right for us. Always be in the company of strong minded people. People with complaining and negative attitude have a weak mind which will drown you also.

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