Dec 16, 2010

Children should be instilled the right values from their childhood days. It is the parents’ duty to inculcate child’s faith in God. This can happen only if we, as parents ourselves have the right value system and trust in God. “It is easy to mould a plant but difficult to mould a tree”. It is easy to teach a child than an adult. Children should be told value based stories and parents also should set a right example to the child. Never underestimate the impact of all the inspiring stories and the right acts on a child.. There is a true story to illustrate this. A student went from India to the US to study and one evening after a seminar she came out of the campus and suddenly realised that she was alone in the road and to the side of the road she could see 2-3 men who appeared to be on drugs. They were looking at her and following her to kidnap her. The girl mustered all her strength and prayed to God sincerely. She had complete faith that God would take care of her. She kept praying and walking ahead. Soon she realised that the men were no longer following her. She reached safely back to her hostel. The very next eve, in the same place another girl was kidnapped and killed. This created a furore in the university and police enquiry was on. This girl had informed the principal what had happened to her 2 days back and hence she was called by the police for identification of the persons caught. When the girl went to the police station, she identified the people as the same ones whom she had seen 2 days back. The police enquired about this to the persons caught. The response they gave was that they had seen this girl coming from the campus and were about to attack her when they saw someone guarding her, walking along with her and hence they were scared and fled. The girl was dumbstruck. She realised that it was the Lord whom she had so fervently prayed to, who was with her or God created a shadow or something which made the persons think that she was not alone.
The girl was very grateful to her parents for inculcating the deep love and faith in God.This is a true story. So let us atleast dedicate some time to our child to guide them in this path.

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