Sept 23 2010

Radha played a very important role in the story of Krishna. Radha is the name which is the most taken with relation to Krishna. People construe meanings to the relation between Radha and Krishna. The truth is that Radha and Krishna were never different. What does Radha mean?Ra- Light and Dha- One who carries the light. So Radha was the one carrying the light of consciousness who is verily Krishna himself.
We can uplift ourselves and become stronger only when we are aware of what is actually pulling us down. We should give thought to what we attached importance in our daily life; is it our worries or God? Whomever we give importance that becomes more strong. So if we give lot of weightage to our worries, it will become strong and weaken our mind. We have the capability of either cursing or blessing anyone. If we are not in control of our thoughts we curse people.Only a strong mind (an ever conscious mind) can bless others.

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