October 7, 2010

Bhagavatam was recited to King Parikshit for 7 days by Sage Shuka and Parikshit gave up his body listening to the sacred text. What does Parikshit mean? It means one who examines himself. Parikshit constantly examined himself and when he knew about his predicted death, he listened to Bhagavatam with rapt attention without a trace of material thought in his last days and attained God. So also we should constantly engage our mind in Godly thoughts so that it is easier for us to elevate ourselves and reach the almighty because one doesnt know what is in store for him the next minute.
We should refrain from asking God for our petty needs especially after reading the Bhagvatam, Narayaneeyam or even our regular chanting. Avatar purushas are here to help us elevate ourselves and make us realise the ultimate truth and we do not receive what they want to give us instead we are caught up in our worldly demands. Take the example of a spider who can weave his web without any help. When the God conscious in the spider can help him accomplish such a mighty task, shouldnt we know that the almighty God in us will also help us achieve our worldly things (what HE thinks is best for us) when we believe that He is constantly with us guiding and protecting us. So why ask petty things? Receive what HE has come to give you, all other things will come automatically. That is the secret of a blissful life.

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